Page 17 - Fashion Guide 2018
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Petite (pages 30, 33) 67
Big and Chunky has ruled for a while, but we’re now seeing the trend turn to smaller, more delicate looks. Petite is in!
Illusions (page 8)
Bolo Bracelets (pages 9, 28-29)
9and multi-stone caps (see Tri-Star page 8) are this year’s biggest diamond trend.
Bracelets are hot, with new mechanisms designed to allow the wearer to adjust the bracelet length for a custom  t.
Yellow in Men’s Fashion (page 31)
The Return of Precious Gemstones (pages 34-35, 37,38)
Colored Stone fashion jewelry is making
a huge comeback, as consumers are returning to precious and semi-precious gemstones for affordable looks in rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.
8 New ways of increasing the bling in clusters of diamonds are a huge hit, as both re ector plates (see Tru-Re ections page 8)
Alternative metals like Steel, Titanium and Tungsten have ruled for a decade, but now we’re seeing gold making a huge comeback

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