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Rhythm of Love (pages 10-13)
Our truly amazing collection features a patented mounting that allows a diamond to move continuously, powered by something as small as the tiny impulse of a heartbeat, creating a sparkling display of brilliance.
Travel Jewelry (pages 364 , 39)
Crystals set in sterling silver, and then covered with a platinum alloy for maximum  ash, give our Romantique Collection the perfect look of elegance at an affordable price. New styles feature semi-precious natural gemstones.
in making a fashion state- ment, or creating a bridal look that’s completely your own.
1Twogether Collection (pages 4-7)
Our Twogether Collection of Two Stone designs offers a wonderful way to celebrate
your relationship with two perfectly matched diamonds that symbolize your love for one another.
North South Lariat Pendants (pages 28-29)
Everything (page 24)
Bracelets, necklaces, and
now rings that stack have 5become all the rage, whether
Multiple layered pendants with east- west con gurations are now being replaced by Lariat pendants that have a north-south orientation. Think long!!!

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